2nd Bulletin

1. Programme for the Workshop

The agenda for the Workshop is available here.

All speakers are asked to note the day and time of their talk. Any modifications to the programme will be minor. With only a few exceptions, talks are scheduled to last 20 minutes, including a few minutes for discussion. All speakers are asked to keep to time.

Speakers should email George.Lafferty@manchester.ac.uk to correct any errors in names, affiliations or talk titles.

2. Talks

To ensure the smooth running of the programme, it is essential that all talks are loaded to the Indico system well ahead of time. All speakers are asked to email their talks as soon as they are available, as pdf files, to Sabah.Salih@manchester.ac.uk, copied also to George.Lafferty@manchester.ac.uk.

Talks will also be accepted on memory sticks, but please ensure the talk is delivered in plenty of time before it is scheduled to take place.

3. Accommodation

Campus and city maps for Manchester can be found at www.manchester.ac.uk/visitors/travel/maps/.

Most delegates will be accommodated either in the Ibis Hotel (not marked on the Campus Map, but at the left end of the map, at the junction between Princes St and Charles St, across from the multi-storey car park) or the Manchester Business School (29 on the Campus Map). The Ibis hotel is only a five minute walk from both Manchester Piccadilly (use the Fairfield Street exit) and Oxford Road Railway Stations. The MBS is slightly further away. A taxi from Manchester Airport to the city centre will take about 20-30 minutes and cost about £20.

4. Workshop Venue

Because the lecture theatres in the Schuster Building (Physics) are currently being refurbished, the Workshop will take place in the Stopford Building (Medicine), which is number 79 on the Campus Map. Note that the entrance to the Stopford Building is on Oxford Road.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to Stopford from the Ibis and less than 10 minutes from the MBS. To walk from the Ibis it is recommended to walk along Charles Street to Oxford Road and then head directly south along Oxford Road.

The University has its own inter-campus bus, number 147, which passes the Ibis every 10 minutes or so; the single fare is 50p. However, Oxford Road is reputed to be one of Europe's busiest bus corridors, and you would never wait more than a few minutes for a bus that passes the Stopford Building. On Manchester buses, you pay the driver when you get on.

5. Travel

Everyone should by now have made travel arrangements. Note that while there are frequent and fast trains between Manchester and London, travel at peak times with walk-on fares is very expensive. Delegates planning to use the train are advised to travel at off-peak times and book tickets in advance if possible.

6. Wifi

All delegates will be given an id and password to access the University wifi. This will be available for you when you check in at the Ibis or MBS (please ask for it if they don't give it to you). Since the University wifi is not available at the Ibis, the cost of any wifi usage there will be covered by the Workshop fee, and you should ignore any proposed charges.

7. Weather

We would just be guessing if we told you what the weather will be like. An umbrella will be included in the welcome pack, which may function as a sun-shade or as a rain-deflector as conditions demand. Average day-time temperature in Manchester in September is about 16 degrees Celsius, falling to 11 degrees at night.

8. Social programme

There will be a welcome reception on Monday 13th at 18.00 at the Manchester Museum (44 on the Campus Map). On the afternoon of Thursday 16th, there will be a visit to Chatsworth House and Bakewell in Derbyshire. Coaches will pick up delegates after the morning session and return them to their hotels in the evening at around 19.00. The Workshop dinner will take place on Thursday evening in the Power Hall of the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (and not at the Hare and Hounds pub as originally advertised), starting at 20.30.

9. Proceedings

All delegates will receive a copy of the proceedings, which will be pubished in the Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplements) series. Instructions for preparation of manuscripts will be available on the web for all speakers immediately after the Workshop.


The 1st Bulletin can be found here.