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Welcome to The University of Manchester's Department of Physics and Astronomy, which is one of the largest and most active schools of physics in the United Kingdon and includes the Jodrell Bank Observatory. Our tradition has been established by many eminent teachers and research workers, including several Nobel Laureates. The Department's high reputation for teaching and research has been confirmed by the award of a maximum 24 points in the Subject Review undertaken by the Government's Quality Assurance Agency, and a top grade of 5 in the most recent research assessment exercise.
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  • Prof Frank Read has been awarded this year's Holweck medal and prize for his work on atomic and molecular physics. The award was instituted in 1945, jointly by the French and British Physical Societies, and is awarded to a British physicist in even-dated years.
  • The particle physics group is part of a consortium which has recently been awarded £1M by the Joint Infrastructure Fund, to help fund their study of antimatter.
  • The Department has received a grant of £2million to upgrade its world famous Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank.The award came from the Joint Infrastructure Fund. The particle physics group also benefited, as part of a consortium which received a grant to help in the search for dark matter.
  • Prof Bill Phillips has won the Institute of Physics 2000 Rutherford Medal and prize for his outstanding contributions to the field of Nuclear Physics.
  • The XXIVth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union took place in Manchester this year. The conference ran from 7th to 19th August 2000, and had some 3000 participants.
  • Dr Jeff Forshaw won the Institute of Physics 1999 Maxwell medal and prize for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics by a young physicist.
  • One of our students, Pedro Reis, was the 1998 UK Physics Student of the Year.
  • Here are some images of comet Hale-Bopp taken by Manchester students. Hale-Bopp was a splendid sight during early 1997, but is now well out towards the edge of the solar system.

Here are some useful places to get more information about physics:

Look into our research pages for links to the home pages of physics and astronomy laboratories worldwide.

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