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LECTURESHIP in Experimental Particle Physics

The University of Manchester invites applications for a new Lectureship in Experimental Particle Physics. Details can be found here



  • (CMake project in .zip format)
  • GPMADv0.1.tar (CMake project in .tar archive)
  • Windows installation instructions
  • Linux installation instructions
  • Users' Manual

  • R.B. Appleby, D.S. Bailey, M.D.Salt - Beam Dynamics using the Stream Processing Code GPMAD - EUROTeV-Report-2008-022
  • Useful links

  • Visual Express C++ 2005 (free edition, you will also need Service Pack 1 and the SDK)
  • nVidia CUDA Homepage
  • Flex for Windows
  • Bison for Windows
  • Practical Application of GPMAD

  • M.D.Salt, R.B.Appleby, D.S.Bailey - "Beam Dynamics using Graphical Processing Units"- EPAC08-TUPP085
  • R.B.Appleby, D.S.Bailey, M.D.Salt - "High Performance Stream Computing fo Particle Beam Transport Simulations" - MRSC2008

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