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Welcome to the Manchester Particle Physics Group. The group is a part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in The University of Manchester.

The group has more than 100 members, and is active in many areas of Physics Research (both theoretical and experimental), Detector Development and e-Science.


We are members of international collaborations in Europe, the United States, and Japan. The ATLAS and LHCb experiments at CERN and the MINOS+ and MicroBooNE experiments at Fermilab are currently taking data. The SuperNEMO experiment at the Modane Underground Laboratory and the SBND experiment at Fermilab are under construction. We work on analysis of data taken by the recently completed D0 experiment at Fermilab and the BaBar experiment at SLAC. We also develop novel detector technologies such as 3D silicon and diamond detectors, and actively participate in the development of next generation of experiments including DUNE at Fermilab, IceCube/PINGU experiment at the South Pole, and future charged lepton flavour violation experiments.


We have world-leading expertise in Phenomenology at high-energy colliders, in Quantum Chromodynamics, Neutrino and Higgs Physics, CP violation, Supersymmetry and String Phenomenology, and in the Physics of the Early Universe. We have strong links with the CERN Theory Division, and many of our projects aim to be testable in ongoing or future experiments.


We are closely collaborating with the Accelerator Group which is part of the Cockcroft Institute and works on the LHC, the ILC and CLIC, and HIE-Isolde. The accelerators group lead the project to construct EMMA, the world's first non-scaling FFAG accelerators

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