My research is focused on neutrinos - one of the most elusive and yet interesting particles known to science. When travelling to our experimental detectors, neutrinos oscillate between one of three flavours, changing their identity. Precisely understanding the parameters governing this change can lead us to answer some of the most important open questions in physics - why is there so much more matter than anti-matter in the Universe and whether there are new particles, like the sterile neutrino,beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

The elusiveness of neutrino interactions and abundant backgrounds make these measurements challenging, which is why we are using liquid argon time projection chambers. This exciting detector technology is being used to measure short-baseline oscillations in the MicroBooNE and SBND detectors, which could lead to the discovery of a new particle - the sterile neutrino - the first particle beyond the standard model. The experience gained from these experiments will inform the design of the multi-kton DUNE long baseline detector which will measure Charge-Parity violation in neutrinos. I have been working on developing reconstruction algorithms for Electro-Magnetic showers and leading the group searching for exotic and astro-particle phenonemena in MicroBooNE. In parallel I am developing a novel way to detect scintillation light in liquid argon, which could boost the capabilities of the neutrino detectors by allowing them to observe and identify particles at lower energies.