I am a member of the Manchester Particle Physics Group and The Cockcroft Institute where I am working towards my PhD.

Current research is the high-gradient accelerating structures for the ILC; characterising the higher order modes HOMS excited by the passage of an electron beam and the resulting transverse wakefields. The baseline TESLA technology as well as the alternative technologies, the low loss LL/ICHIRO and Cornell Re-entrant cavity types are being investigated.

My masters thesis focusses upon the Re-entrant design and provides an introduction to the work. It can be found on the work page.

EM simulations are performed with the GdfidL electromagnetic field simulation software, the Analyst finite element package, ECHO-2D and ABCI, to name a few.

A small fraction of my time is spent working on a Maxwell Equation extension to the oomph-lib finite element library.

You can find contact details here.