Dr Cristian Bungau

Dr Cristian Bungau


High Energy Physics Group
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
United Kingdom
M13 9PL

Email: Cristian.Bungau@hep.manchester.ac.uk;

Research Interests:

My research work is in the field of experimental particle physics. I am involved in neutronics design study of accelerator driven sub-critical reactors (ADSRs), as a member of the ThorEA collaboration. Due to their inherent safety features and waste transmutation potential, ADSRs are the subject of research and development in many countries around the world. The neutrons needed to sustain fission are generated by the spallation process resulting from high energy protons impacting a target element installed at the centre of the core. I am involved in Monte Carlo studies of the reactor core design, in particular the impact of the subcriticallity, target material and proton beam energy on the ADSR performance. Entirely novel ADSR configurations involving multiple accelerator drivers and associated spallation targets within the reactor core have to be considered and in my studies I am using the GEANT4 simulation code.

I have been involved in Dark Matter searches experiments as part of the UK Dark Matter Collaboration and I worked at detector software and hardware development. I was also part of the MINOS collaboration working on data analysis and studying the possible effects of the neutrino coherent scattering events as background in the neutrino oscillation signal measurements.

My list of scientific papers can be found here.

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