Quantum Field Theory

These pages form the core of an introductory course on Quantum Field Theory. The course aims to guide the student to the point where he/she has a sound understanding of the basic principles of quantum field theory and can apply them to calculations of tree-level Feynman diagrams in the study of elementary particle physics. As a pre-requisite, the student should have a good knowledge of quantum mechanics and special relativity. The course is built around two sets of lecture notes:
    An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

    An Introduction to QED and QCD

It is perhaps better to start with the "Introduction to Quantum Field Theory", although it is possible to work through both in parallel. Each set of notes contains many exercises for the student to attempt. The exercises are designed to help the student develop a good understanding of the key ideas and techniques. Students should attempt all of these problems and discuss them in tutorials.

Note that there is an Appendix A to the "Introduction to QED and QCD" course which provides useful background material, including some introductory group theory. There are several exercises embedded in the text which students should attempt before starting on either of the main lecture notes.

At the end of each set of notes there is a list of reference text books. Students should consult these references whenever necessary. These lecture notes are not exhaustive - they merely provide a platform on which a more advanced understanding of Quantum Field Theory can be built.

In addition to the exercises in the text, there are three problem sheets containing more difficult questions. Typically these questions will require some reading beyond the lecture notes.