George Lafferty

Professor of Physics in the

School of Physics and Astronomy

The University of Manchester


GB - M13 9PL

Phone: +44 (0)161 275 4199

Research in Particle Physics:

I am currently a member of the LHCb Collaboration, for which I was Chair of the Editorial Board

In the BaBar Collaboration I was Chair of the Collaboration Council, Deputy Chair of the Speakers Bureau, UK Spokesperson, a member of the Publications Board and Convenor of the Tau/QED physics analysis group

For the OPAL Collaboration I was Physics Coordinator and Convenor of the QCD/Fragmentation physics analysis group

Before that, I worked on the Omega-Photon experiments (WA4, WA57, WA69) for which I was Contact Person and Offline Software Coordinator

Some of my publications that are not from large collaborations:

From photoproduction to physics

Hadronization in Z decay

Where to stick your data points: The treatment of measurements within wide bins

Residual Bose-Einstein correlations in inclusive pi+pi- systems and the rho(770)0 lineshape in mulithadronic Z decays

A method for measuring strangeness suppression in light quark fragmentation at LEP

Committees and panels on which I have served:

Particle Physics Committee (PPARC), 1999 - 2001

Particle Physics Advisory Panel, 2001 - 2004

Particle Physics Grants Panel (Chair, PPARC), 2000 - 2004

LHC GPD mid-term Review (CCLRC), 2001

Review of funding mechanisms for Astronomy and Solar System Science (PPARC), 2004

Review panel for the IPPP (PPARC), 2005

LHC Exploitation Resources Planning Panel (Chair, PPARC), 2005 - 2006

LHC M&O Scrutiny Group (Chair, CERN), 2005 - 2008

T2K Oversight Committee (Chair, STFC), 2007 - 2011

PPAN Science Committee (STFC), 2009 - 2011

Science Board (STFC), 2011 - 2012

Advisory Panel on Capital Investment (RCUK), 2012

Particle Physics Users Advisory Panel (STFC), 2013 - 2015

Ernest Rutherford Fellowships Selection Committee (STFC), 2013 - 2014


Some other interests:

I am a member of the Ramblers Association, the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, the RSPB, the John Muir Trust, the Woodland Trust, the National Trust and the Campaign to Potect Rural England

I am tournament director at the Poynton Duplicate Bridge Club

I published occasional essays in New Scientist magazine:

Adventures in Physicsland

Victorian art of river rage

There's always room at the top

What's in a name?

The importance of being Alice