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Most of my time during 1985 - 1995 was spent on the H1 experiment at DESY. One of the jobs of the H1-Manchester group was constructing drift chambers - namely the planar chambers of the Forward Tracking Detector, and the drift cells of the Forward Muon Detector. I wrote some test software which helped to ensure that both of these detectors have functioned very reliably from the time they were installed. I also wrote the QT software for the Forward Muon System, and took an active role in running the detector and analysing the data generally.

Since mid 1996 I have been involved in the Atlas experiment, planned to run when the LHC starts up at CERN in 2007. The Manchester Atlas group has an interest in the Semiconducting Central Tracker (SCT) in the Inner Detector, among other things. I started a production database project to keep track of the production and testing of the SCT components. Geneva University joined the project in 1998, and over the summer of 2001 I withdrew.

During the autumn of 2001 I have been setting up module readout hardware and software at Manchester to be ready for testing the 600 SCT modules we will construct here. We have recently (August 2004) passed the halfway point in this construction.

While reading around the Grid and related subjects a while ago I was overwhelmed by the soup of new acronyms. The result was GAS, an evolving list of Grid related acronyms. Now the same thing has happened with ATLAS related acronyms.

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