Hello to everyone!

Temporarily rolled back to 2007 version

My first bellydance performance

As you probably know, I have now finished my PhD! Yay! But that means that I have also moved back to the UK, and my time in California has finished. I was in California for 3 years and it was an amazing experience. I saw so many fantastic sights and I have a lot of great new photos to upload.

Unfortunately, to make space for my thesis I had to rollback my website to the 2007 version. So I am now in the process of migrating my website to a new address with more space. Once I have done that I'll upload a fully updated, revamped website, to cover the entire time I was stateside.

If you want any help falling asleep at night, you can read my 175-page Thesis! Seriously, if you want to read some, the introduction is the best bit for general readers and it's only 2 pages long.

As usual...

I'm no expert at this, so let me know if you see anything wrong. You can use the Contact Me page to let me know. You can also use this page to send me a message about anything - to say hi, give ideas, comments, etc.

I recommend you use Firefox to view this page. If you don't have it you should download it now!

There are so many pages I've lost count, (I know it's over 50), so enjoy!