University of Manchester and the Cockcroft Institute

Michael David Salt

Contact Information

Michael.Salt [at]

Phone Number (Manchester): 0161 2754150
Phone Number (Cockcroft ): 01925 864211

Room Number (Manchester): 6.23
Room Number (Cockcroft ): S13


  • M.D.Salt, R.B.Appleby, D.S.Bailey - "Beam Dynamics using Graphical Processing Units"- EPAC08-TUPP085
  • R.B.Appleby, D.S.Bailey, M.D.Salt - "High Performance Stream Computing for Particle Beam Transport Simulations" - MRSC2008
  • R.B.Appleby, D.S.Bailey, M.D.Salt - "Beam Dynamics using Graphical Processing Units" - CHEP2007

    GPU-Processed Methodical Accelerator Design (GPMAD) is a charged-particle tracking tool that utilises the computational performance of modern Graphics Processing Units (GPU) to significantly reduce simulation times. The code and the users' guide may be downloaded at the GPMAD Homepage.

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