Narong Chanlek
Supervisor : Dr. Roger M. Jones

Current Project : Studying Photocathode Materials as Electron Source for Modern Accelerators

Overview :
The use of GaAs as aphotocathode for accelerators has recently become the interest of many researches. Once activated to a Negative Electron Affinity (NEA) state and illuminated by a laser, this material can be used as a high-brightness source of electrons in some modern accelerators, e.g., the Energy Recovery Linac Prototype (ERLP). In this project the aim is to investigate the activation process and to study the environment which will maximise cathode performance. In order to achieve this objective there are several aspects to be considered:
- The effects of temperature in the heat cleaning process on quantum efficiency and lifetime
- Means of optimising the concentration and deposition time of Cesium and Oxidants in the activation process in order to achieve high quantum efficiency
- Methods which maintain an exquisitely high vacuum photocathode environment with a view to maximising the cathode lifetime



Room S15
The Cockcroft Institue
Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus
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Room 6.10
Schuster Building
School of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Manchester
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