Lecture courses


Frontiers of Particle Physics I - Beyond the Standard Model Physics (2008-2011)

Lecture on SM physics at the LHC at the Young Experiment and Theory Institute (2011)



Project supervision


Much of the success of the Manchester group is due to the work done by our postgraduate students. I currently supervise Valentinos Christodoulou, Jonathan Crane, Stephen Menary and Andrew Strange on studies of Dark Matter, weak boson fusion and the Higgs boson at the ATLAS experiment. I have previously supervised four postgraduate students on related research at ATLAS - their theses are linked below.


Michaela Queitsch-Maitland, Measurements of cross sections for Higgs boson production and forward jet calibration with the ATLAS detector [PhD]

Kiran Joshi, Precision measurements of QCD radiation in top-antitop and Z+jets final states at ATLAS (2014) [PhD]

Gareth Brown, Precision measurement of jets at the ATLAS experiment (2012) [PhD]

Graham Jones, Measurement of dijet production at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector (2011) [PhD]


I also run final-year MPhys projects and third-year summer research projects for Physics undergraduates at the University of Manchester.