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Here are my Publications, and some past Talks/Lectures (the latter needs updating)

PhD Opportunities
  • Contact immediately for Funded Ph.D. Studentship commencing in 2018 : VHEE (Very High Energy Electron) Radiotherapy Studies on CLARA and CLEAR . Also consider the CERN Doctoral Programme

  • Current Ph.D. Students:
    Agnese Lagzda, Kristina Small, Louie Hancock, Nathan Roche, Michael Sullivan.
    Current PDRAs:
  • Nirav Joshi

  • Former Ph.D. Students:
  • Aaron Farricker (CERN Fellow, June 2017)
  • Liangliang Shi (PSI Fellow, Sept 2017)
  • Lee Robert Carver (CERN Fellow, March 2016)
  • Nick Shipman (Cycling, March 2015; Univ. of Lancs/CERN 2016)
  • Pei Zhang (CERN Fellow, January 2013)
  • Hugo Alasdair Day (CERN Fellow, March 2013)
  • Vasim Firoj Khan (CERN Fellow, April 2011; HZB Fellow, Berlin, October 2013; CERN/Adam 2015)
  • Nawin Juntong (Staff, Thai Synchrotron Light Research Inst., February 2012)
  • Narong Chanlek (Staff, Thai Synchrotron Light Research Inst., February 2012)
  • Matthew Fraser (CERN Fellow, February 2012)
  • Chris Glasman (Credit Suisse, March 2012)
    Former PDRAs:
  • Chiara Marrelli(RF Engineer, ESS, July 2014)
  • Puneet Jain (Assistant Professor, Roorkee IIT, April 2014)
  • Inna Nesmiyan
  • Alessandro D'Elia (Staff Scientist, ESRF, March 2014)
  • Ian Shinton (Staff Scientist, Elekta, Sept. 2012)
  • Federico Roncarolo (Staff Scientist, CERN, Sept. 2009)
    Lectureships and Research Opportunities:
  • Lectureships: None at present
  • Postdoctoral Positions: Research on HOMs and Beam Dynamics for ESS
  • Undergraduate DESY, FNAL, CERN summer research programme (~2 months). CERN Technical Student programme (4-12 months), Cockcroft Institute
  • If you are interested in any of these post-doctoral, doctoral or undergraduate programmes, either here in the UK or in Europe, contact me to discuss current accelerator physics opportunities.

    Current Research Projects:
  • Research profile
  • EuCARD Governing Board Member, JACoW Steering Committee Member
  • Task leader on Accelerator and Beam studies: EU FP 11.3
  • HOMBPM Studies for FLASH/ILC (FP7) -meetings
  • CLIC Main Linac Structure Wake-field and Beam Dynamics Studies (FP7)
  • CLIC Crab Cavity Design, Development and Testing at CTF3 (FP7)
  • HIE-ISOLDE RF and Beam Dynamics (Chief Scientist, Deputy Chair of Management Board and WP3 PI)
  • Manchester-Cockcroft Particle Accelerator Group Physics (PAGP) Meetings, Old PAPG Meetings(old)
  • Weekly MEW, Manchester-Cockcroft Wake-field Meetings
  • Random Processes in Physics: PHYS 10471
  • FPP II, Physics of Accelerators: PHYS 4722
  • CERN Accelerator School RF CAS 2010
  • University of Manchester PHYS 10121 (2 Lectures)
  • University of Manchester Third Year Lab
  • University of Manchester and Cockcroft Institute Wakefields and Collective Effects
  • University of Manchester and Cockcroft Institute Linear Accelerators (Linacs): Theory and Practical Applications
  • USPAS, Texas A & M University, Texas Collective Effects and Wake-fields
  • Manchester Univ. Teaching Assignments and Solutions, Staff Teaching, Blackboard, EProg, Portal, Oracle, Pdrive, Personal Pages

  • Conferences, Courses & Workshops:
  • General Accelerator Physics conferences and schools
  • Very High Energy Electron Radiotherapy: Medical & Accelerator Physics Aspects Towards Machine Realisation (VHEE17), Cockcroft Institute (July 24-26, 2017)
  • Higher Order Mode Diagnostics and Suppression in SC Cavities (HOMSC12), Cockcroft Institute (June 25-27, 2012)
  • X-Band Structures, Beam Dynamics and Sources (XB10), Cockcroft Institute (Nov 30-Dec 3, 2010)
  • X-Band Structures and Beam Dynamics (XB08), Cockcroft Institute (Dec 1-4, 2008)

  • Electronic resources on Accelerator Physics Research (compiled by Z. Huang based on Yujong Kim's original list)

  • Recent Journal Publications:
    1. M. A. Fraser, R. M. Jones, and M. Pasini, Beam dynamics design studies of a superconducting radioactive ion beam postaccelerator, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 14, 020102, 2011, 17pp.

    2. R. M. Jones, Wake field Suppression in High Gradient Linacs for Lepton Linear Colliders, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 12, 104801, 2009, 14pp.

    3. R. M. Jones, V. A. Dolgashev, and J. W. Wang, Dispersion and energy compensation in high-gradient linacs for lepton colliders, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 12, 051001 2009, 11pp.

    4. R.M. Jones, C.E. Adolphsen, R.H. Miller, J.W. Wang , T. Higo, Influence of fabrication errors on wake function suppression in NC X-band accelerating structures for linear colliders, New J.Phys.11:033013,2009, 13pp.

    5. W. Salah, R.M. Jones, J.L. Coacolo, Analysis of space charge fields using lienard-wiechert potentials and the method of images in the RF-free electron laser photoinjectors, doi:10.1016/j.nima.2009.05.188 .

    6. W. Salah, R.M. Jones, J.L. Coacolo, Analysis of the transverse kick to beams in low-frequency photoinjectors due to wakefield effects, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Volume 601, Issue 3, 1 April 2009, Pages 264-269.

    7. R.M. Jones, C. Adolphsen, Z. Li, J. Wang, Wakefield damping in a pair of X-band accelerators for linear colliders. Phys.Rev.ST Accel. Beams 9:102001, 2006, 11pp.

    8. G. Burt, R.M. Jones, A. Dexter, Analysis of damping requirements for dipole wake-fields in RF crab cavities, IEEE Trans. of Nuclear Sciences, 5-2007.

    In the Press:
  • Science Daily, Scientific Computing, Smashing News

  • Last edited November-2009
    R.M. Jones