Sam Tygier

Sam Tygier

Room: 7.24 Schuster Laboratory, Manchester

Room: S.13 Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury

Email: sam dot tygier at hep dot manchester dot ac dot uk

I am a Post Doc Research Associate in the Manchester Accelerator Physics Group, working with Robert Appleby on:

LHC upgrades


the CLIC post IP line.


and novel FFAGs


Project: Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) accelerators for Accelerator-Driven Thorium Reactors

Supervisor: Roger Barlow

The Accelerator Driven Thorium Reactor (ADTR), also known as the 'Energy Amplifier', could provide a source of Nuclear Power which is much safer than Uranium Reactors. In an ADTR an accelerator provides a source of high energy protons, which produce neutrons which cause energy-generating fission. To act as a net producer of energy, the accelerator in the system has to be highly efficient. FFAG accelerators could provide the required gain in efficiency to make the idea viable. The project is to ascertain the parameters required for such a machine and produce an outline design.

Download from High Current Proton Fixed-Field Alternating-Gradient Accelerator Designs


Papers by Sam Tygier


Merlin++ is a multi-purpose particle accelerator and particle tracking simulation library. I use it for collimation simulations for the LHC High-Lumi upgrades.


My python interface to zgoubi PyZgoubi

Some notes on compiling Zgoubi with GCC optimisations

Tactile Collider

Making the physics of particle accelerators and the Higgs boson accessible to all


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