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HEP Computing Seminars Spring 2006

A series of seminars on computing topics of interest to the HEP Group takes place each Tuesday at 3:00 in the 6th floor video conference Room, followed by tea (+donuts!?) and chat.

Volunteers and suggestions for further seminars are needed. Please contact Joe Foster

When? Who?
2006-03-28 Andrew McNab, Allesandra Forte
Joining the Grid, Basic Grid Job Submission
2006-04-04 Andrew McNab
Security: What to Trust (Open Office)
No seminar due to IOP meeting
2006-04-18 Mark Hodgkinson
Advanced Grid Job Submission
2006-04-25 Richard Hughes-Jones
High Speed Networking
2006-05-02 No Seminar
2006-05-09 No Seminar
2006-05-16 Alessandra Forti
Storage Management
2006-05-23 All
Discussion on Local Computing
2006-05-30 Robin Marshall
Neural Networks in Health Care
2006-06-20 Prof. Cornelia Baldyreff (Lincoln)
Software Reuse
2006-06-27 Prof. Carole Goble (Manch. Computer Science)
Semantic Grid (postponed)

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