HEP conference 2007




A list of submitted abstracts can be found here.

A list of accepted posters can be found here.

Nuclear Physics B donated €1000 award money toward prizes for the best posters. The winners were:

  • Blair Jamieson, for The SNO Collaboration: "Measurement of the Solar Neutrino Neutral-Current Flux with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Neutral Current Detectors"
  • C. Hays, B. Jayatilaka, A. Kotwal, L. Nodulman, O. Stelzer-Chilton, W. Trischuk, I. Vollrath, for the CDF collaboration: "First Measurement of the W Boson Mass with CDF in Run II"
  • Lee F. Thompson, on behalf of the KM3NeT Consortium: "KM3NeT: Designing a Cubic Kilometre Scale Neutrino Telescope for the Mediterranean"