HEP conference 2007


Strong Interactions
High-Energy Nuclear Physics
High-Energy Electroweak Physics
Flavour Physics and CP Violation
Astroparticle Physics, Gravitational
    Waves and Cosmology
Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Neutrino Physics
Detectors and Data Handling
Non-Perturbative Field Theory, String
    Theory, Quantum Groups and
    Non-Commutative Geometry
Accelerator R & D and Technology

The EPS High Energy Particle Physics Division awarded the prestigious EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Prize to Prof. Makoto Kobayashi of the KEK Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, and Prof. Toshihide Maskawa of the University of Kyoto. The prize award ceremony took place at the EPS conference on High Energy Particle Physics, in Manchester, on Monday July 23rd. More details here.

The 2007 EPS Outreach Prize was awarded to Richard Jacobsson and Charles Timmermans for their outstanding contributions in promoting HEP to the public and in high schools in Europe.

The 2007 Gribov Medal Prize was awarded to N.Beisert for his contributions to the exploration of integrability properties of a four-dimensional quantum field theory, N=4 supersymmetric Yang Mills theory.

The 2007 EPS Young Physicist Prize was awarded to I.Furic, G.Gomez-Ceballos and S.Menzemer for outstanding contributions displaying individual creativity and collaborative effort to the complex analysis which provided the first measurement of the frequency of Bs oscillations.

Information about these prizes and former winners can be found here.

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The 2007 Europhysics Conference
on High Energy Physics

was held in Manchester, England

19-25 July 2007.  

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The Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
at the University of Durham


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The Nuclear and Particle Physics Division and
The High Energy Particle Physics Group
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HEP2005 Lisbon

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