HEP conference 2007

Parallel Sessions

Plenary Sessions


Parallel Sessions took place Thursday - Saturday 19-21 July in lecture theatres on the University of Manchester campus.
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Posters were on display in the Schuster Building during the parallel sessions. Nuclear Physics B donated €1000 award money toward prizes for the best poster(s).

Joint EPS-ECFA Session

On Saturday afternoon there was a joint EPS-ECFA Session in Whitworth Hall to discuss future facilities.

Venue: Bridgewater Hall

If you would like to see the slides, use the following links, for:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Monday 23 July Tuesday 24 July Wednesday 25 July
9:00 Start

chair: David Wark

chair: Gustavo Branco

chair: Guy Wormser

Welcome and
Prize Ceremony

Cosmology and Dark Energy
Pierre Astier,

String Theory
Dieter Lüst,
LMU Munich

Theoretical Aspects of
CP Violation
Yuval Grossman, Haifa

Flavour Physics at
B Factories
Junji Haba, KEK

Flavour Physics at
Other Facilities
Aurore Savoy-Navarro, LPNHE-Paris 6

10:30-11:00 Coffee

chair: Nigel Glover

chair: Fabio Zwirner

chair: Roger Barlow

Special Address: "Gauguin's Questions
for Particle Physicists"
John Ellis, CERN

LHC Status and Commissioning Plan
Lyn Evans, CERN

Dark Matter Searches
Bernard Sadoulet, Berkeley

Cosmic Ray Physics (Hadronic-Auger)
Alan Watson, Leeds

Cosmic Ray Physics (Gammas, Neutrinos)
Elisa Bernardini, IT/Zeuthen

Hadronic Physics
and Exotics
Hanna Mahlke, Cornell

Field Theory
Nick Dorey, Cambridge

Heavy Ion Physics
Jan Rak, Jyvaskyla

12:30-14:00 Lunch

chair: Per Osland

chair: Rupert Leitner

chair: Teresa Rodrigo

Electroweak Sector of the Standard Model
Terry Wyatt, Manchester

Beyond the Standard Model Searches
Beate Heinemann, Berkeley

Neutrino Physics (Experimental)
Steve Brice, Fermilab

Neutrino Physics
Manfred Lindner, Heidelberg

Theories for the
Fermi Scale
Gian Giudice, CERN

LHC Detectors:
First Physics
Oliver Buchmüller, CERN

15:30-16:00 Tea

chair: John Dainton

chair: Helmut Burkhardt

chair: Stefan Pokorski

Experimental Tests
of QCD
Olaf Behnke, Heidelberg

QCD Sector of the Standard Model
Paolo Nason, Milano

Jean-Pierre Delahaye, CERN

Other Accelerator R&D
Chris Prior, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Ties Behnke, DESY

Conference Summary
and Closing
Ken Peach,
Oxford / John Adams Institute

17:30 End

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