HEP conference 2007

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Please read the following notes before using this page!

If you submitted an abstract to be considered for a talk, you will have heard from the parallel session convenors if your abstract was accepted.

If your abstract was accepted, and if you wish to upload any supporting documentation, please use the form on this page to do so, noting the following points:

  • This page is NOT for submitting the final writeups for the proceedings. Instructions for those can be found here, and are only for speakers.
  • If your abstract was accepted for a talk and you gave the talk yourself, you probably don't want to bother uploading anything here.
  • However, if your abstract was presented in a talk by another speaker, this is an effective way to get your information to that speaker and ensure they know about it.
There are no restrictions on the format of the information uploaded here; you may submit a file (or files, by using the form multiple times), or you may submit url(s) at which the information may be found.

The information you submit here will remain available long enough for the speakers to prepare their contributions to the proceedings. The (electronic) proceedings, once published, will be permanently available.

You should have received an email containing the required password information. If not, or if you need it to be re-sent, or if you have any other problem with this page, please contact

Please note that any information uploaded here will become publicly available on the web; private communication between the writer and the speaker may be more appropriate for sensitive new results.


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