HEP conference 2007

Plenary Sessions

Parallel Sessions


The Plenary Sessions were held in Manchester's Bridgewater Hall, a modern international concert and conference venue located in the heart of the city.

Bridgewater Hall exterior Bridgewater Hall interior

Bridgewater Hall: exterior (top) and interior (bottom).


Chandos Hall:

Weston Hall:

Wright Robinson Hall:

The Parallel Sessions were held in lecture theatres in the Schuster Laboratory, which houses Manchester University's School of Physics and Astronomy, and in the neighboring Roscoe and Chemistry Buildings. The Schuster Lab is building number 54 on the campus map, Roscoe is building number 53, and Chemistry is building number 61.

Schuster exterior

The Schuster Laboratory

Saturday's Joint EPS-ECFA Session was held in Manchester University's beautiful Whitworth Hall (building number 50 on the campus map.)

Whitworth Hall exterior Whitworth Hall interior

Whitworth Hall: exterior (left) and interior (right).



Accommodation was arranged in student residences Chandos Hall, Weston Hall and Wright Robinson Hall, and in the University-affiliated Days Hotel.


Days Hotel:


Alternative accommodation could be booked in one of the many other hotels in Manchester's City Centre, for example Holiday Inn Manchester, Ibis Portland Street, The Palace Hotel, and