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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way of getting headlines with web links to the full story. Some web browsers, e.g., Firefox and Apple's Safari, let you look at RSS headlines directly. There are also separate RSS client applications. Copy the RSS URLs from this page and paste them into the appropriate slot in one of the RSS clients to subscribe to the feeds. In Firefox, an icon appears in your navigation bar when a site has an RSS feed. Just click on it to create a 'live link' to the feed.

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HEP Labs

Subscription Journals: *

* To read the full text of subscription journal articles to which the University subscribes you need an Athens account. Alternately, from outside the HEP group firewall you can use the University VPN system. If you are on the HEP group network, you can set your web browser (Network Preferences on Mac) to use this automatic proxy configuration:

Here are some RSS client applications you can try:

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