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Manchester Tier2 centre is a large grid computing facility hosted by the University of Manchester as part of the Particle Physics group resources. It is part of GridPP and WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid) whose main aim is to support the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments. The tier2 in particular supports ATLAS and LHCb. However the Tier2 supports also a number of smaller experiments and research groups that can access the resources via the EGI grid software. The is also part of NorthGrid one of the 4 regional centres for the UK NGI (National Grid Infrastructure of the EGI grid.

A visualisation of the state and scale of the WLCG grid with its more than 150 sites is displayed in the google map below.


The Tier2 went online first in February 2006 with a cluster with 1800 job slots and no permanent storage and since then it has evolved. It currenly consists of
  • Computing nodes
    • Number of slots: 3712
    • Processors: Intel X5650 and E5-2650 v2
    • Hyper Threading: on
    • Memory: 2GB per slot
    • Disk space: >=50GB disk space
  • Storage
    • Space: 1.4PB
  • Networking
    • External connection: 10Gbs to NNW
    • Inter racks: 10Gbs
    • Intra racks: 1Gbs

Supported experiments and groups

CPU usage of supported research groups. It is clear that LHC experiments (or in grid terminology VOs, Virtual Organisations) like Atlas and lhcb have the biggest share but non-HEP VOs like biomed have strongly benefitted from the spare cycles available.


The cluster has been one of the most productive in the UK over the years.

GridPP services

A number of other services is maintained in the Tier2 centre.

GridPP web server

GridPP web server hosts also other sites of national and international interest
  • HEP sysadmin site for HEP system administrators hosting also a wiki, svn repositories and yum repositories used also by EGEE SA1 (EGEE operations).

GridPP VOMS server

GridPP VOMS hosts different smaller research group (mice, minos, pheno...) and commercial groups (totalep) VOs allowing them to access the grid.


Other pages containing information about the Manchester Tier2 centre.


People involved in the maintainance of the Tier2. Refer to the group members page for contact details.

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