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This information is additional to all the other 'Welcome to Manchester' information and registration you will be getting from the University and the School. It applies equally to new staff and new students, even people who will normally reside away from Manchester.

Start Here

  1. Contact Anne Morrow, the group Secretary. Details of her, and everyone, can be found on the "Who's Who" link on the left bar of this page. She will arrange your Manchester desk and office (if needed), and pigeon hole for mail, take your photograph, and explain what's available in the stationery store cupboards.
  2. Contact Sabah Salih, the System Manager. He will give you
    1. Your group email ID, of the form Use of this account is recommended. If you prefer to use some other account you should set your new group account to autoforward to it. You can do this youself or ask Sabah to do it for you. Mail will be sent to you at this group account.
    2. An account on our Indico agenda server which contains details and agendas for all the various meetings in the group
    3. An account yourname on the unix cluster. You will (almost certainly) use this for intensive computing.
    4. Access to a desktop or laptop.
  3. Apply for your grid certificate
  4. Get yourself a skype account, if you don't already have one. It's free. You need it for talking to far-flung group members, and your friends in Australia.
  5. Contact Jo Pater to negotiate membership of the coffee club if you are going to be in Manchester and drinking coffee (or tea).
  6. Spend some time browsing the group web pages. See which pages are relevant for you and keep a regular eye on them.
  7. Be aware that seminars, advertised on the right bar, of the web pages, are for the whole group and you should give them a high priority.
  8. Go to the whoswho page and check your own entry, which Anne will have created for you.
  9. Create your own home page. The directory WWW in your unix area maps onto the space on the web, so create a file home.html and either fill it with your own source code or put in an an automatic redirect to a pre-existing home page.

Next Steps

  1. Anne can make travel arrangements for you, or if you prefer you can book them yourself. Make sure you know what you are doing to get a good deal: use the group's expertise. Ensure the trip is authorised before you make any commitment.
  2. Travel expense claims forms for the Unversity and the STFC are available from Anne. Be aware of the differences between them and the different rules that apply.
  3. If you think you need specific computer hardware or software, consult Sabah.
  4. To obtain other items, consult Anne (stationery) , Sabah (electronic), or Julian (detector hardware) who will order them. If you need to place a lot of orders you can go on a course to enable you to do this.
  5. If you need a book, try the group library (or the university library). If the group library doesn't have a copy then ask Jo Pater to acquire one for it: this can be done very rapidly.
  6. If you lose your staff card, or if it mysteriously fails to work, contact Elaine Williams on the 2nd floor, phone 69222.
  7. The group email account includes a calendaring facility which is highly recommended.
  8. If you are going to be away from Manchester, ensure Anne knows about it by using the group calendaring facility or by more traditional means.
  9. For Video Conferencing too sophisticated for skype, use ESNET.
  10. The group video conference room is booked using the agenda server.(You need to book a meeting: do not use 'room booking') It is not quite a first come first served system: VC uses have priority over nonVC uses, and big meetings have priority over small ones.

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