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Manchester OPAL Christmas meeting

OPAL and Friends

Christmas Meeting 2000

Physics Department Conference Room

The general theme for each talk is 'What I did last year, and what I plan to do next year.' This is largely for the general education and information of the rest of us, but it's proved to be a good opportunity to reflect and review and plan individually as well as collectively.

Times are indicative: speakers are encouraged to go over or under their time depending on whether they have interesting things to say.

Tuesday 19th
9:00 BaBar
20' James Weatherall J/psi K* analysis. And Physics Software management
15' Frank Jackson Calibration with Pi0s (given by Jenny)
10' Jamie Boyd (given by George)
15' Jenny Williams tau -> pi pi past and future
10:30 Coffee
5' John Allison GEANT4
15' Andy Lyon BOGUS full simulation
10' Elias Simopoulos Polarisation Structure of tau production
20' Roger Barlow tau -> omega pi and other successes
10' Chikara Kimura CP violation beyond the Standard Model
10' George Lafferty Hadronic tau decays
10' Alessandra Forti BaBar Computing
13:00 Lunch General Discussion on teaching
14:00 Computing
30' Andrew McNab The GRID and what it means for Manchester
30' Everybody General Discussion on Computing
15:00 Tea
15:30 Dzero
20' Terry Wyatt General Introduction
15' Liang Han
10' Simon Dean
20' Gavin Hesketh
10' Yi Dai (given by Terry)
17:30 Close
Wednesday 20th
9:00 OPAL
30' Jo Pater MB hardware status
20' Kay Roscoe TGC results
20' Steve Dallison Results on Vcs
15' Everyone Discussion on Computing at CERN
10:30 Coffee
30' Tom Marchant SUSY Searches using acoplanar di-lepton events
30' Vakhtang Kartvelishvili Radiative mu pairs. And Bose Einstein correlations
11:30 Future Colliders
Graham Wilson
10' Adriana Bungau TESLA
12:00 ATLAS
5' Ian Duerdoth Overview of the SCT at Manchester
5' Steve Snow Module Design
5' Farah Nauyock Radiation damage tests of NMR probe components
5' Jo Pater System tests
5' Joe Foster The Construction Database
12:45 The End
10' Roger Barlow Summary
13:00 Close

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