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Postgraduate Opportunity


The group offers PhD and MSc courses in both experimental and theoretical particle physics. In keeping with the close collaboration between the theoretical and experimental parts of the Particle Physics Group in Manchester, we offer the possibility of PhDs jointly supervised by members from both areas. Projects for postgraduate students are usually available within all of the Group's activities. In most cases, experimental PhD students will spend an appreciable amount of time at the appropriate experimental facility. Details of postgraduate studies in the School of Physics and Astronomy can be found here

Although there is no specific deadline for general applications, we would encourage you to submit a University application by the end of January. Applications from overseas students for the prestigious President's Doctoral Scholarships, which pay all university fees and very generous living costs, must be received by Monday 5 December 2015.


For enquiries about postgraduate research in Experimental Particle Physics, contact the Postgraduate Admissions Tutor Darren Price (email:

For enquiries about postgraduate research in Theoretical Particle Physics, contact Fedor Bezrukov (email:

When you arrive

Things a new group member needs to know and do

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