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The current webmaster for the preprint pages is Jo Pater. Please contact Jo with any queries or preprint number requests.


Any paper authored by a member of the HEP group should have a Manchester HEP preprint number. This is to protect the HEP group against "Einstein was wrong" papers being submitted to preprint servers by cranks purporting to be from the University of Manchester. Papers which are not associated with a preprint number cannot be certified as legitimate by the Manchester HEP group.

Papers which fall within the scope of this policy are any publications which will be available to people outside the HEP group or the author's experiment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • experimental results papers written by Manchester HEP members (i.e., a Manchester HEP member is the principal author)
  • conference proceedings
  • scientific notes
  • anything submitted to preprint servers

    Papers which are exempt from this policy are:

  • experimental results papers not written by Manchester HEP members
  • internal experiment notes

    The Manchester HEP preprint number should be visible on the front page (typically top right corner) of the version submitted to preprint servers. The preprint number should also be entered in the information submitted to preprint servers so that the paper can be searched by preprint number. The preferred format for the number is to use the full (4-digit) year and to separate fields with a slash, e.g., MAN/HEP/2006/72.


    Please observe the following steps:

    1. Get approval from an academic in the HEP group for your preprint. Academics may approve their own papers, although it would probably be a good idea to bounce it off a colleague. This step will be taken on trust, although as a courtesy you could inform Jo of who gave the approval.

    2. Contact the preprint page webmaster, currently Jo Pater. to request a preprint number. Where possible, please make this request at least a few days before you intend to submit the paper.

    3. Add the preprint number to your paper. The preferred format for the number is to use the full (4-digit) year and to separate fields with a slash, e.g., MAN/HEP/2006/72.

    4. Submit your paper to the relevant preprint server (typically Please remember to include the preprint number in the information about your paper so that it can be searched by number.

    5. Inform Jo that you have submitted the paper and, ideally, what is the eprint archive number. Jo will then add a link to the relevant entry in SLAC Spires (actually, the Durham mirror of). This step is simply for convenience and to get the information publicised ASAP; Jo will periodically check entries for updates, so the information should eventually make it to the preprints page.

    6. Inform Jo of any changes in status of your paper, e.g., accepted for publication, details of publication, etc. Again, this step is simply for convenience as Jo will periodically check for updates.

    7. Do not send a hard copy to Jo; the paper should be available from the relevant preprint server via the SLAC Spires entry. The only exception is if the paper will not be available on any external website.

    Maintained by Jo Pater

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