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Manchester physicists are active in a number of international experimental collaborations, often taking lead roles:
  • The ATLAS experiment at CERN will measures the products of 8 TeV proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.It found first evidence of a Higgs-like boson in July 2012 and will extend its test of the Standard Model and its search for new particles beyond the Standard Model as the energy and luminosity of the LHC are both increased over the next few years.
  • The LHCb experiment is also at the LHC. It is making detailed studies of the properties of the B hadrons, and of the CP violation effects that could be responsible for the lack of anti-matter in the Universe.
  • Muon experiments at Fermilab are searching for new physics beyond the Standard Model. Mu2e is searching for Lepton Flavour Violation through the neutrinoless conversion of a muon to an electron, while Muon g-2 is making the world's most precise measurement of the muon's magnetic moment and most sensitive search for the muon's electric dipole moment.
  • The MINOS+ experiment will investigate the properties of neutrinos produced at the Fermilab accelerator and detected 735 km away in the Soudan mine in Minnesota. The project will search for sterile neutrinos which would not interact with matter at all.
  • The NEMO-III and SuperNemo neutrinoless double beta decay experiments at the Fréjus laboratory in France aim to clarify the nature of neutrinos: are they their own antiparticles?
  • The Liquid Argon Neutrino Programme studies neutrinos in multiple oscillation regimes in order to search for leptonic CP-violation, determine the neutrino mass hierarchy, and search for additional, sterile neutrinos.
  • The Manchester Tier-2/Grid group makes important contributions to EGI (European Grid Infrastructure), providing powerful computing resources and software to scientists world-wide.
  • Radiation hard 3-D silicon detectors are being developed at Manchester for the the upgrades of the LHC experiments.


Manchester has world-leading expertise in several fields of Theoretical Particle Physics:

  • Phenomenology at high-energy colliders,
  • Quantum Chromodynamics,
  • Neutrino and Higgs Physics,
  • CP violation,
  • Supersymmetry and String Phenomenology,
  • Physics of the Early Universe,
  • The HERWIG Monte Carlo project.

Our projects are often focussed on aspects of theoretical physics which can be tested in ongoing or future experiments and we have strong links with the CERN Theory Division.

Postgraduate Research Projects

A wide range of postgraduate projects are available in all of our fields of research.

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