Particle Physics Group





Our Experimental Particle Physicists are members of several major international collaborations working at facilities in both Europe and the United States. Three of these collaborations, BaBar, and NEMO-III are currently taking data, whilst a fourth, ATLAS, is being constructed. We have initiated the fp420 project, which aims to put proton tagging detectors at 420m from the interaction points of the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC. The group is also active in SuperNemo, in CALICE , and in e-Science. We have also been members of OPAL and H1.


Our Theoretical Particle Physicists have world-leading expertise in Phenomenology at high-energy colliders, in Quantum Chromodynamics, in Neutrino and Higgs Physics, in CP violation, in Supersymmetry and String Phenomenology, and in the Physics of the Early Universe. Our projects are often focussed on aspects of theoretical physics which can be tested in ongoing or future experiments and we have strong links with the CERN Theory Division.


As part of the Cockcroft Institute our activities cover a wide range of accelerator topics.

Postgraduate Research Projects

A wide range of postgraduate projects are available in all of our fields of research.

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