Beyond the Standard Model

We have expertise in physics beyond the Standard Model. Recent projects have involved studies of gauge theories in extra dimensions, non-standard Higgs physics and the CP violating minimal supersymmetric Standard Model.


Our group has a long tradition in studies of the strong interactions. We have particular expertise in all aspects of perturbative QCD processes at colliders (from the study of power corrections to the development of the HERWIG Monte Carlo program). We are also particularly interested in particle scattering at very high energies (the so-called diffractive limit) and the nature of the pomeron. Recently we have been studying the possibility of producing new "Beyond the Standard Model" phenomena using diffractive processes.

Early Universe

We have expertise in Particle Physics aspects of the Early Universe, such as Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter and Baryogenesis. Recent projects include the study of Baryogenesis through Resonant Leptogenesis and its potential consequences on low-energy experiments and future colliders. We are particularly interested in the overlap with astroparticle physics (see also the Theoretical Astrophysics & Cosmology Group at Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory).

Low energy QCD

At lower energies, Manchester theorists are studying the role played by the chiral symmetry of QCD in the structure and interactions of hadrons, using the tools of effctive field theory and the renormalisation group. We are also interested in transitions to new phases of matter such as a quark-gluon plasma or a colour superconductor. See also the Theoretical Physics Group.

Further Information

For more detailed information on our research interests please take a look at our group members' individual homepages or at their recent publications as listed on the SPIRES database.