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Ph.D. Theses

High Mass WW Scattering at the LHC
Sarah E. Allwood (October)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

An Indirect Measurement of the Width of the W Boson at the DØ Experiment
Paul Telford (October)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Exclusive Higgs Production and Decay to WW(*) at the LHC and Semiconductor Tracker Studies for the ATLAS Detector
Irina Nasteva (August)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

A study of the decay tau- -> pi- pi0 nu_tau using the BABAR detector
Mitchell T. Naisbit

WW Scattering Studies for a Future Linear Collider
Andres F. Osorio Oliveros

Diffractive Photoproduction of rho Mesons with Large Momentum Transfer at HERA
Carl Gwilliam (May)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Diffractively produced Z bosons in the muon decay channel in p pbar collisions at cms energy = 1.96 TeV, and the measurement of the efficiency of the DØ Run II Luminosity Monitor
Tamsin L. Edwards (April)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

M.Sc. Theses

Higher order mode wake-fields in the main linacs of the International Linear Collider
Christopher J. Glasman

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