Dr Marco Gersabeck

Particle Physicist — Reader in Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Manchester

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About Marco

Marco is an experimental high-energy physicist focusing on flavour physics.


The Large Hadron Collider Beauty experiment produces the world's most precise measurements of quark flavour physics and serves as a general purpose detector in the forward region. The Manchester team is a leading contributor in charm physics with important contributions in beauty physics and other areas. We also play an important role in operating the current Vertex Locator and are building the detector modules for its upgrade.


Fermilab's Mu2e experiment will improve the sensitivity to muons transforming into electrons while orbiting a nucleus by several orders of magnitude. The discovery of this process would be a game changer. The Manchester team works on the Stopping Target Monitor system that will provide the normalisation of the measurement.


We recently joined the RD50 collaboration where we will work on radiation-hard silicon sensors to be used in next-generation detectors.


This is an overview of various research activities I'm involved in.

Charm Mixing and CP violation

I have been involved in a number of searches for CP violation related to charm mixing. We achieved a precision of 3x10-4 with analyses of two-body decays. Currently, I'm focusing on several multi-body decays, which are the most promising approaches to determine the underlying theory parameters. I've also developed an algorithm to search for CP violation in the decay phase space of multi-body decays, which has been applied to several measurements.

Heavy Flavor Averaging Group

The ultimate precision in charm physics is achieved through averaging all available measurements from a range of experiments worldwide. I lead the group that takes care of these average and myself focus on CP violation and rare decays.

Lepton Universality Tests

Lepton universality has not yet been tested to high precision in charm physics. Together with some of my team members I aim to push this precision to the sub-percent level.

CP violation in the Beauty Sector

Together with a student, I published the most precise measurement of the CP asymmetry in Bs meson mixing. Now my team is applying our charm techniques to beauty baryons.

LHCb Vertex Locator Operation

I started many years ago to work on the spatial alignment of the Vertex Locator (VELO) sensors and this is still one of the main responsibilities of my team. I've since been responsible for the VELO data quality and we are looking very closely at radiation damage effects.

LHCb Detector Upgrades

My team is responsible for delivering the modules for the upgraded LHCb Vertex Locator to be installed during 2019-20. We're also looking into future detectors, such as a silicon tracker to be installed around 2025, and a radiation-tolerant vertex detector capable of measuring hit times with around 100 ns resolution for 2030.

The Mu2e Experiment

We are playing a major part in the delivery of a Stopping Target Monitor system. Our particular responsibility is the design of two collimators including their support and alignment systems.

The RD50 Collaboration

Manchester has a long tradition in semiconductor research. Having recently joined RD50, we look forward to intensifying our R&D efforts into radiation-hard detectors, for use in future particle physics experiments and elsewhere.

Publications and Talks

My publications are listed on inspirehep.

Here are the video and slides of a talk I gave at the Bluedot festival in July 2019.

And here's some Physics at Home fun.



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Former members

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