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Jet Class. More...

#include <MJet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MJet ()
 Default Jet Constructor.
 MJet (const MJet &jet)
 Copy Constuctor.
Float_t TagWeight () const
 Get the B tag weight.
Float_t TrkCountTagWeight () const
Float_t SV0TagWeight () const
Float_t JetProbTagWeight () const
Float_t SoftMuonTagWeight () const
Double_t JVFForVertex (const unsigned int ivx) const
UInt_t NJVFEntries () const
void SetTagWeight (Double_t inp)
 Set the B tag weight.
void SetJVFPerVertex (const std::vector< double > *jvfs)
 Set the jet vertex fractions (one entry per vertex).
std::string Type () const
 So we know what type of particle this is at run time.
MJetoperator= (const MJet &obj)
 Assignment operator.
Bool_t isGood () const
Bool_t isBad () const
Bool_t isUgly () const
const TLorentzVector * EMScaleJet () const
 Get the jet at the EM scale.
Float_t GetMoment (const std::string &name) const
 Accessor for jet moments by name.
Float_t PhiOrigin () const
 Jet Moment PhiOrigin.
Float_t EtaOrigin () const
 Jet Moment EtaOrigin.
Float_t MOrigin () const
 Jet Moment MOrigin.
Float_t Timing () const
 Jet Moment Timing.
Float_t LarQuality () const
 Jet Moment LarQuality.
Float_t sumPtTrk () const
 Jet Moment sumPtTrk.
Float_t HECQuality () const
 Jet Moment HECQuality.
Float_t NegativeE () const
 Jet Moment NegativeE.
Int_t n90 () const
 Jet Moment n90.
Float_t hecF () const
 Jet hecF.
Float_t fmax () const
 Jet fmax.
Float_t t2 () const
 Jet t2.
Float_t Q2 () const
 Jet Q2.
Float_t emf () const
 Jet emg.
Float_t METWpx () const
 MET weight in x.
Float_t METWpy () const
 MET weight in y.
Float_t METWet () const
 MET weight in et.
void SetMETWeights (const float wpx, const float wpy, const float wet)
 Set the MET weights.
void SetMETWeights (const std::vector< double > &weights)
 Set the MET weights.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Reset ()
 Reset function.

Detailed Description

Jet Class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MJet::MJet (  ) 

Default Jet Constructor.

Default constructor.

MJet::MJet ( const MJet jet  ) 

Copy Constuctor.

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

Float_t MJet::GetMoment ( const std::string &  name  )  const

Accessor for jet moments by name.

Get jet moment named 'name'. Please note it is faster to use the specific methods (e.g. PhiOrigin()), since these avoid the string comparison.

name - name of the moment
- the moment or 0 if it does not exist.

Float_t MJet::JetProbTagWeight (  )  const

Get JetProb tag weight

Float_t MJet::SoftMuonTagWeight (  )  const

Get SoftMuon tag weight

Float_t MJet::SV0TagWeight (  )  const

Get SV0 tag weight

Float_t MJet::TagWeight (  )  const

Get the B tag weight.

Get the Default tag weight See Reconstruction/Jet/JetEvent/src/Jet.cxx

Float_t MJet::TrkCountTagWeight (  )  const

Get TrackCounting tag weight

string MJet::Type (  )  const [virtual]

So we know what type of particle this is at run time.

At run time we may have a vector<MParticle*> which could for example contain both electrons and muons. This function lets you know which particle it is.

Reimplemented from manchester::MParticle.

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