manchester::MMissingEt Class Reference

Missing ET object. Room for expansion. More...

#include <MMissingEt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MMissingEt ()
 Default Constructor.
 MMissingEt (Double_t ex, Double_t ey)
 MMissingEt (const MMissingEt &part)
 Copy constructor.
void Set (Double_t ex, Double_t ey)
 Set the ex and ey components.
Double_t Ex () const
 Get the ex component.
Double_t Ey () const
 Get the ey component.
Float_t ExCentral () const
 Get the ex component.
Float_t EyCentral () const
 Get the ey component.
Float_t ExEndCap () const
 Get the ex component.
Float_t EyEndCap () const
 Get the ey component.
Float_t ExForward () const
 Get the ex component.
Float_t EyForward () const
 Get the ey component.
Double_t Et () const
 Get Et.
Double_t Et2 () const
 Get the Et squared.
Double_t Phi () const
 Get MET phi.
Float_t SumEt () const
 Get the sum ET that was used in this MET calculation.
Float_t SumEtCentral () const
Float_t SumEtEndCap () const
Float_t SumEtForward () const
virtual std::string Type () const
std::ostream & PrintContent (std::ostream &os) const
 Can be used directly or via operator<<.
bool operator< (const MMissingEt &p) const
 Method for comparing objects based on transverse momentum.
MMissingEtoperator= (const MMissingEt &obj)
 Assignment operator.

Protected Member Functions

void Reset ()
 Function to reset any private members.

Detailed Description

Missing ET object. Room for expansion.

Member Function Documentation

bool MMissingEt::operator< ( const MMissingEt p  )  const

Method for comparing objects based on transverse momentum.

Comparison works based on squared ET. Square both sides because it eliminates two square roots, so a big time saving

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