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Muon Class. More...

#include <MMuon.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MMuon (const MMuon &muon)
 Copy constructor.
 MMuon (const MInDetTrack &trk)
 Construct from ID track.
virtual ~MMuon ()
Int_t PrimaryAuthor () const
 Primary author.
Bool_t IsStaco () const
 Is it STACO author? (have to hard code).
Bool_t IsMuidSA () const
 Is it Muid standalone author?
Bool_t HasInDetTrack () const
 Does this muon have an inner detector track?
Bool_t HasExtrapolatedTrack () const
 Does this muon have an extrapolated muon track?
const MTrackMuonSpecTrack () const
 Get spectrometer track.
const MInDetTrackInDetTrack () const
 Get inner detector track.
const MTrackExtrapolatedTrack () const
 Get extrapolated track.
Bool_t BestMatch () const
 Is this combined muon the best match to the MS muon.
Bool_t Combined () const
Bool_t Loose () const
Bool_t Medium () const
Bool_t Tight () const
Double_t MatchChi2 () const
 Chi2 of the match.
Int_t MatchNDoF () const
 N dof of the match.
Double_t MatchChi2NDoF () const
 Chi2 / ndof for the match.
Double_t Et01Cone () const
 Cal Et in 0.1 cone.
Double_t Et02Cone () const
 Cal Et in 0.2 cone.
Double_t Et03Cone () const
 Cal Et in 0.3 cone.
Double_t Et04Cone () const
 Cal Et in 0.4 cone.
Double_t Pt01Cone () const
 Trk sum pT in 0.1 cone.
Double_t Pt02Cone () const
 Trk sum pT in 0.2 cone.
Double_t Pt03Cone () const
 Trk sum pT in 0.3 cone.
Double_t Pt04Cone () const
 Trk sum pT in 0.4 cone.
Double_t ErrQoverP () const
 Uncertainty on q over p.
Short_t NMdtHits () const
 N Mdt Hits.
Short_t NCscPhiHits () const
 N Csc Phi Hits.
Short_t NCscEtaHits () const
 N Csc Eta Hits.
Short_t NRpcPhiHits () const
 N Rpc Phi Hits.
Short_t NRpcEtaHits () const
 N Rpc Eta Hits.
Short_t NTgcPhiHits () const
 N Tgc Phi Hits.
Short_t NTgcEtaHits () const
 N Tgc Eta Hits.
Bool_t TopTriggerMatched () const
 Was this muon matched to trigger according to TopInputs?
void SetTopTriggerMatched (bool matched)
 Set the flag for top trigger matching.
std::vector< Bool_t > TriggerMatched () const
void SetMultiTriggerMatched (std::vector< bool > triggermatched)
Float_t METWpx () const
 MET weight in x.
Float_t METWpy () const
 MET weight in y.
Float_t METWet () const
 MET weight in et.
Short_t METTrkType () const
 MET trk type.
void SetMETWeights (const float wpx, const float wpy, const float wet)
 Set the MET weights.
void SetMETWeights (const std::vector< double > &weights)
 Set the MET weights.
void SetMETTrkType (const short type)
 Set te MET track type.
virtual std::string Type () const
 So we know what type of particle this is at run time.
virtual std::ostream & PrintContent (std::ostream &o) const
 Works with operator<< to allow the printing of MParticle to screen.
MMuonoperator= (const MMuon &p)
void SetIDTrkVtxParams (const float d0, const float theta, const float phi, const float z0)
 Set ID track parameters at the primary vertex.
void SetIDTrkBSParams (const float d0, const float theta, const float phi, const float z0)
 Set ID track parameters at the beam spot.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Reset ()

Detailed Description

Muon Class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MMuon::MMuon ( const MMuon muon  ) 

Copy constructor.

Copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

void MMuon::Reset (  )  [protected, virtual]

Function to set private members to defaults.

Reimplemented from manchester::MTrack.

void MMuon::SetIDTrkBSParams ( const float  d0,
const float  theta,
const float  phi,
const float  z0 

Set ID track parameters at the beam spot.

Set ID track parameters at the beam spot

void MMuon::SetMultiTriggerMatched ( std::vector< bool >  triggermatched  ) 

Set ID track parameters at the primary vertex

vector< Bool_t > MMuon::TriggerMatched (  )  const

string MMuon::Type (  )  const [virtual]

So we know what type of particle this is at run time.

At run time we may have a vector<MParticle*> which could for example contain both electrons and muons. This function lets you know which particle it is.

Reimplemented from manchester::MTrack.

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