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Physics Modules (Usually 12 Weeks)Course CodeType
Academic year 1993/4
Dynamics PC110 Lectures
Rays Waves & Photons PC111 Lectures (6 Weeks)
Gases Liquids & Solids PC115 Lectures
Mathematical Methods I PC117 Lectures
Laboratory Work PC118
Laboratory Techniques PC119 Lectures
Vibrations & Waves PC130 Lectures (34 Weeks)
Special Relativity PC133 Lectures (6 Weeks)
Electricity & Magnetism PC134 Lectures
Introduction to Thermal Physics PC135 Lectures
Mathematical Methods II PC137 Lectures
Mathematics MT156 Lectures
Practical Computing PC146 Lectures & Lab.
Electronics, Photonics & Modern Communications PC169 Lectures & Lab.
Academic year 1994/5
Quantum Mechanics I PC2101 Lectures
Electromagnetism PC2141 Lectures
Mathematical Physics PC2171 Lectures
Laboratory Work PC2181/2
Introduction to Communications EE2212 Lectures & Lab.
Quantum Mechanics II PC2302 Lectures
Wave Optics PC2312 Lectures
Thermal & Statistical PC2352 Lectures
Computer Techniques PC2462 Lectures & Lab.
Communications & Photonics PC2562 Lectures & Lab.
Electronics PC2692 Lectures & Lab.
Academic year 1995/6
Particles, Nuclei and Cosmology PC3121 Lectures
Electromagnetic Radiation PC3141 Lectures
Solid State Physics PC3151 Lectures
Laboratory Work PC3181/2
Atoms and molecules PC3302 Lectures
Biophysics I PC3431 Lectures
Electronics PC3461 Lectures & Lab.
Laser Physics PC3612 Lectures
Programming in C++ PC3762 Lectures & Lab.
Particle Physics PC3822 Lectures
Review/Design Project PC3882
(Other courses also attended for interest.)

PC coded options are Physics dept. modules

EE coded options are Electronic Engineering dept. modules

MT coded options are Mathematics dept. modules

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