PyZgoubi a python interface to Zgoubi

Zgoubi is a particle tracking code maintained by François Méot. PyZgoubi is an interface to Zgoubi written in python. It aims to make input files that are easy to read and can contain calculations, loops, and any other python program feature.

Latest versions

Download Pyzgoubi 0.4.1

Old versions

Download Pyzgoubi 0.4.0

Download Pyzgoubi 0.3.1

Download Pyzgoubi 0.3

Download Pyzgoubi 0.2.3

Download Pyzgoubi 0.2.2

Download Pyzgoubi 0.2.1

Download Pyzgoubi 0.2

Download Pyzgoubi 0.1


Get pyzgoubi

tar xvzf pyzgoubi-0.4.1.tar.gz
cd pyzgoubi-0.4.1
./ install

Or see the README file. now you can run:

pyzgoubi examplefile


PyZgoubi documentation


PyZgoubi SourceForge Project

PyZgoubi development is hosted at SourceForge using Bazaar for revision control. You can checkout the latest development trunk using:

bzr branch bzr:// pyzgoubi-trunk

Or the latest fixes to a stable branch, eg:

bzr branch bzr:// pyzgoubi-0.4.x

Also you can browse the source at

Useful Links

Python Documentation
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HOWTO: install numpy and scipy on MacOS X
Matplotlib (python ploting library)
Enthought Python Distribution (A packaged distribution of all the python libraries needed)
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