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Dr Guoxing Xia

I am an Accelerator Physicist at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, School of Natural Sciences, University of Manchester and an academic staff at the Cockcroft Institute. Currently I am working on the advanced accelerator concepts including plasma wakefield acceleration/deceleration (PWFA/PWFD), laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) and proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration (PD-PWFA). We are collaborating with CERN, DESY and other international institutes and working on the CERN AWAKE experiment (the world first proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment) and EuPRAXIA design study (EU H2020 funded). In addition, we are initiating the new research programme on PWFA using VELA/CLARA electron beams from the Daresbury Laboratory and the electron beams from the CERN CLEAR facility. Our group is also working on laser and ultrashort relativistic electron beam driven dielectric accelerators and the related experiments have been performed at CLARA front-end facility at Daresbury Laboratory.

Meanwhile we are contributing to accelerator beam physics (linear and nonlinear beam dynamics in particle accelerators, e.g. the damping rings for the International Linear Collider, the storage ring based light sources and free electron lasers), ultra-cold atoms, ultra-cold plasma based research and advanced materials (nano-materials such as graphene) and their applications to next generation particle accelerators, e.g. the low secondary electron yield (SEY) coating based on graphene coatings, etc.

Contact details
phone +44 161 306 6569
office Office: Schuster 7.11
group Accelerators Group
address Particle Physics Group
address School of Physics and Astronomy
address The University of Manchester
address Oxford Road
address Manchester
address M13 9PL
address UK




Research Interest

Plasma Physics, Plasma Wakefield Accelerators
Dielectric Laser Acceleration (DLA)
Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration (DWA)
Accelerator Physics and Beam Dynamics
Free Electron Lasers
Cold Atom Physics
Lasers and their Applications
Advanced Materials for Particle Accelerators

Research Groups

PhD Opportunities in 2020/21

Our Novel Accelerator Group is a young and lively research group and we have been contributing to several exciting international and national research projects such as AWAKE, EuPRAXIA, PWFA at FLASHForward at DESY and CLARA, DWA experiment at Daresbury lab etc. We have published some recent research results in Nature, Physical Review Letters (PRL), Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB), Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (PPCF) and the Physics of Plasmas (PoP), etc.

We welcome the students who have strong interests in plasma physics such as plasma wakefield accelerators, either driven by powerful lasers or relativistic electron and proton bunches. In addition, we welcome students who are interests in laser or beam driven dielectric accelerators and beam dynamics in particle accelerators. Some scholarships (such as President Doctoral Scholarships-PDS, Dean's Scholarships and CSC Scholarships) and fundings (from STFC) are available in our group. Below shows the possible research topics/opportunities in our group.

Beam driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiments (CLARA PARS and AWAKE at CERN)
Ultrashort and relativistic beam driven dielectric structures for advanced beam manipulation, acceleration and THz radiation sources
Compact radiation sources (such as x-rays, gamma-rays), electron-positron pair generation based on high intensity laser and plasma interactions
Dielectric laser acceleration, simulation and experiment (DLA)
Experimental study on novel coating materials for low secondary electron yield (SEY)
Beam dynamics (beam collective instability such as electron cloud, ion instability, intra-beam scattering, etc.) in the future lepton and hadron colliders
Low/medium energy heavy-ion beam and plasma interactions

Novel Accelerator Group Members (2012-2020)

Dr. Guoxing Xia (Head of Group)
Dr. Oznur Mete (Research Associate, AWAKE)
Dr. Mohammed Islam (Research Associate, AWAKE)
Dr. Alexandre Bonatto (Research Associate, PWFA/PWFD)

Kieran Hanahoe (PhD student, CLARA PWFA)
Thomas Pacey (PhD student, DWA at VELA/CLARA)
Taaj-Sian (PhD student, Low secondary electron yield coatings and their application in particle accelerators)
Yangmei Li (PhD student-President Doctoral Scholarship Recipient, Proton driven PWFA, Best of the best PhD Thesis published by Springer in 2020)
Barney Williamson (PhD student, DWA at VELA/CLARA)
Yuan Zhao (PhD student-President Doctoral Scholarship Recipient, Compact radiation sources based on laser-plasma interaction)
Can Davut (PhD student, ultrashort electron bunch length diagnostic for AWAKE experiment)
Toby Overton (PhD student, Dielectric wakefield acceleration experiment at VELA/CLARA)
Linbo Liang (PhD student-President Doctoral Scholarship Recipient, Advanced modelling of beam plasma interactions for AWAKE Run 2)

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Proton and electron beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleration (CERN AWAKE, PWFA at CLARA and CLEAR)
Experiment on Beam Driven and Laser Driven Dielectric Acceleration at VELA/CLARA facility
Plasma beam dumps and the energy recovery from plasmas (EuPRAXIA and the ILC)
Compact laser plasma based radiation sources
Compact THz radiation sources at EuPRAXIA facility
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MSc. and BSc. in Physics (Lanzhou University of China, 1993 - 2000)
PhD in Accelerator Physics (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2000 - 2003)
Postdoctoral research on Free Electron Lasers (Peking University of China, 2003 - 2005)
Postdoctoral research on beam dynamics for the International Linear Collider-ILC (DESY Hamburg, Germany, 2005 - 2008)
Research Scientist on Plasma Accelerators and muon cooling (Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich, Germany, 2008 - 2012)
Lecturer in Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester and the Cockcroft Institute (2012 - 2019)
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester and the Cockcroft Institute (2020 - present)


APS Journals:
Physical Review Letters (PRL)
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB)
Elsevier Journal:
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIMA)
IOP Journals:
New Journal of Physics
AIP Journals:
Physics of Plasmas